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6th of Nov

Loaded with assignments as usual. But the visit to night market last night was an outing to de-stress.

it was so crowded.

and for those who wished me a good birthday ~ thank you so much. Thanks a lot Ash for ur conversation. I really hope that v can meet once I grad..At this moment, time does not permit :(

one important thing i have learnt ~ always have a back up and dont be too optimistic.

though I was undeniably pissed being flew the aeroplane the last minute, but much have been learnt. just look forward and forget about the gloomy past. perhaps some things are just not meant to be. never hope too high or u will be dissapointed if things dont turn out as u want.

but dont worry, I am in the midst of doing my assg. So things should be fine. little things can sometimes make me happy afterall. its just the matter of attempting to forget.
when the other side feels so sorry, I dont have the heart to lose this friend. honestly, its just too difficult to get a friend like him.

2nd outbreak of h1n1 coming soon, do take care :)


just cant live without my mp3...

instead of taking the trouble to repair it, I have decided to buy a new one..

loaded with assignment, mid terms and presentation this semester..

really want to get over it a.s.a.p and graduate a.s.a.p

the weather is so hot and past few days has been so crazy.hopefully today will be a good one..

happy deepavali to those celebrating...

take care.

problem with ipod shuffle

currently my ipod shuffle cant function. dont know whether i should send it for service or just save to buy a new one.

new sem is so stressful and ipod failure adds up the stress.

hope that things will soon end...


i am finally free for about two weeks.. really happy that its all over for the first sem second year.

have been eating loads of food past few weeks so i guess its time to start doing some exercise. ashley : cant see the ' fat' that you seem unhappy with. you look fine and there is no need to feel bad about it, honestly..

went for some shopping right after finals, though i was dead tired...and now i feel tired too but I feel like its too early to sleep..my roommate still has to study in my room while i am at the IT Cafe here..

the jam on road was terrible today.now i understand what my friend said. perhaps it wasn't worth to be angry or unhappy even a little .

there is a need to let things go and just let things be..

stop here first.. take care everyone :)

31 July 2009 friday

there is so much to do in such a short time. I have 2 major assignments and 1 major mid-term to settle before my finals come knocking on my door.

sometimes i just dont feel like doing anything, just going out and relax for one day. it will come soon after i am done with all the assignment and mid terms.

lack of sleep and eating quite a lot...at times i wish some people could be more accomodating, understanding and less selfish.if not sacrifice will always be needed.

on the passing of Yasmin Ahmad, quite sad that i havent watch any of the films directed by her. thank god I managed to watch her festive commercials. one big lesson I learnt, do what you want to do while you are still alive. After that, there is nothing that you can do.
what I need is to move one and not get stuck in some past that have made my life journey not so smooth.

learning to cherish myself more cause at the end of the day, its ourself that knows what's best for us right ?

ok. enough of blogging...got to continue with my project...what's for lunch ? I dont know..

3rd July 2007

There is so much to do. Assignments, revision, courseworks...have been sleeping late lately.

next week i need to pass up moral and prepare for an exam.hope that i will be able to finish the assignment so that i can focus on the exam. pray for me...

thank god the influenza A(H1N1) is not so teribble now. sometimes i wonder, why cant other people put themself in my position. why must they be so selfish when they expect others to help, consider their needs.

at times i feel that i am being too kind to others that i am taken advantage of. its good to be kind but it feels bad when people you were kind to bad mouth you or lie to you. just dont know why but its just not my style to lie. this probably epxlains why some tend to take advantage of this.

today i went to meet my moral lecturer for consulation. wanted to ask her to delay assg submission but didnt know how to tell her. but the comforting words she gave made me feel better. thank god not everyone is that bad afterall.

i dont know what to write anymore though i feel like my brain is fully loaded with stuff to express out...

here is the latest pic of me...

21st June 2009

Currently in my second year of Advanced Diploma. There is so much to do in such a short time.Have been sleeping late for various reasons.

Feeling really cold here. But when I get out of the computer lab, it willb be really hot. Too hot...but I didnt take advantage to do some laundry..

Went to Avenue K on Thursday for Assignment purpose. Doing project about Subway. Its such a difficult project. The lecturer wants us to make it like we really want to franchise this restaurant. The name of the paper is entrepreneurship skills.

This sem I have to take moral. remembered the days of moral in secondary school..its not as complicated like now. after one year plus not writing in malay and needing to do it now..i cant really type some word that I want and I need to do 2 assignments for this paper plus one formal presentation. One of my group member plans to just copy directly from what she found without modification. but dont worry, i will attempt to modify hers also since i will be finalising the project. its not my style to plagiarise the work of others even though its in bm or for whatever reasons.

if you want to do something do go all the way out. that's what i intend to do now. sometimes its always good to ignore what people perceive and judge you. simply too tired to change myself for people who perceive me as too work oriented or serious.friends should accept you for what u are and not leave you alone but seek for you when they need ur help.

just enjoy it when i can be myself without being pressured to do this and that. like when i did my presentation for entrepreneurship that day. it wasnt so stressful as when i presented for economics paper. my econ lecturer expects whole lot more from me..
it doesnt mean that cause my previous ranking is good, i am good in everything. I am only a normal human.

but dont worry..i am handling the pressure quite well. Music and sleep is my best cure..

its end of week for in my semester calendar, about 12 more weeks to semester break

go for it ! drink lots of water in view of the hot weather...u wont want to get ill right...

happy belated birthday ashley. 5 days late..please forgive me..
have been really busy with so many things.

if i was invisible...there will be lots of stuff that i want to do.....

21st May 2009

a few more days to a new and possibly stressful yet hectic semester. i have been trying the tests/quiz on facebook.. I am bored.

i am thinking about so many things. one thing for sure music really makes my day. a little amount of comedy or anything that makes me laugh is what I really enjoy.

words that people say sometimes have a hidden meaning. sometimes I wonder whether it would be better if we dont grow up. Kids are really innocent and naive. Simple.

in view if the increasing crime rates around us, please be careful when you go out.

enjoy everyday :) appreciate those around you.

and to certain politicians out there ~ stop the politicking and ' ceramah ', get up and start doing your job(do it well).

for bloggers that know me and read my blog ~ take care and all the best

12 May 2009

In less than 2 weeks, my new semester will start. Still havent start packing my stuff.

A friend of mine asked me how to solve insomnia last night. I gave simple solutions that one can get by reading books and articles. But last night I couldnt sleep. Even if I could sleep it was for a while only.Tossing and turning around my bed. its so crazy.

After attending a business meeting my mind was almost fully loaded with stuff and thoughts. It was as if the meeting woke me up from my long long dream. That's how it feels like. It seems like my previous actions is not the right one.

I am in a dillema. But I believe once my mind is done sorting things out almost everything will be back to normal. Undeniably, there will be some footprints in my mind, heart and soul but this is life. Just do what you feel like doing, get it right, dont be influenced by others and enjoy every day.

The weather has been terrible these few days. To everyone that knows this simple girl take good care of your health.Hope that the political turmoil in Perak will end a.s.a.p.
I am really tired of it. Tired of thinking too.

Perhaps I should go out for a stroll later..

9 April 2009

I went to college yesterday for Malaysian Qualification Agency(MQA) interview. In case you dont know MQA accredits courses. Through accreditation, the course will be recognised locally, nationally and globally. I actually find it silly. If its for a private institution then its reasonable. BUT mine is a IPTA(Institut pengajian tinggi awam). Anyway, I am not going to elaborate on this.

the arrangement of name list according to cgpa ~ how realistic. Sometimes I just dont know what am I supposed to do. Study less and you get less good grades. Put your best and risk getting left behind. Why ? I just dont know why. Maybe its due to school background factor. Undeniably, in Seri Hartamas I really learned you've got to put effort to get the best. Until today, I still practice this ( unless due to certain factors). There may be other factors that I dont know. leave it.

Money, money. Just too tired with this word. Everything needs money, though not all. With the current economic downturn, money seems to be all that matters. It is. The number of people selling things have increased. Now, they not only sell at the lrt station, even mamak stalls are not spared. People smoke more and the cigarette company gains. The latest budget stimulus undeniably suffers impact and implementation lags. Unemployment can also be reduced with other alternatives. Perhaps new minister from all portfolio's can sit down to brainstorm about the ways to reduce unemployment. Afterall, 2 brains is better than one.

I gave up. Not looking for temporary job anymore. Afterall, I only have one more month of intern semester. I just dont want to care about what others will say about me not working during intern...who is she to dictate what is best for me when she is not even related to me. Hate people that likes to interfere in my life. Its my life.

...to be continued

forgive me ..